Research articles in DNA nanotechnology

[* Corresponding author, ^ Joint first author]

Click and photo-release dual-functional nucleic acid nanostructures.
VA Valsangkar, AR Chandrasekaran,* L Zhou, S Mao, GW Lee, M Kizer, X Wang, K Halvorsen, J Sheng
Chem. Commun. 55: 9709-9712 (2019). [PDF]

Integration of a photocleavable element into DNA nanoswitches.
AR Chandrasekaran,* JA Punnoose, V Valsangkar, J Sheng & K Halvorsen
Chem. Commun. DOI: 55: 6587-6590 (2019). [PDF

Controlled disassembly of a DNA tetrahedron using strand displacement.
AR Chandrasekaran* & K Halvorsen
Nanoscale Adv. 1: 969-972 (2019). [PDF

Reconfigurable DNA nanoswitches for graphical readout of molecular signals.
AR Chandrasekaran*
ChemBioChem 19: 1018-1021 (2018). [PDF]

Addressable configurations of DNA nanostructures for rewritable memory.
AR Chandrasekaran,* O Levchenko, D Patel, M MacIsaac & K Halvorsen
Nucleic Acids Res. 45: 11459-11465 (2017). [PDF]

Shear dependent LC purification of an engineered  DNA nanoswitch and implications for DNA origami.
K Halvorsen, M Kizer, X Wang, AR Chandrasekaran & M Basanta-Sanchez
Anal. Chem. 89: 5673-5677 (2017). [PDF]

Click-based functionalization of a 2'-O-propargyl-modified branched DNA nanostructure.
V Valsangkar, AR Chandrasekaran,^ R Wang, P Haruehanroengra, O Levchenko, K Halvorsen & J Sheng
J. Mater. Chem. B, 5: 2074-2077 (2017). [PDF]

Covalent linkage of one-dimensional DNA arrays bonded by paranemic cohesion.
YP Ohayon, R Sha, O Flint, W Liu, B Chakraborty, HKK Subramanian, J Zheng, AR Chandrasekaran, H Abdallah, X Wang, X Zhang & NC Seeman
ACS Nano 9: 10304-10312 (2015). [PDF]

Topological linkage of DNA tiles bonded by paranemic cohesion.
YP Ohayon, R Sha, O Flint, AR Chandrasekaran, H Abdallah, T Wang, X Wang, X Zhang & NC Seeman
ACS Nano 9: 10296-10303 (2015). [PDF]